Polly Hall and Andrew Barkan
Theme song and bumpers
Sound effects (Episodes 1-3)

"Dog and Pony Show" (Episodes 5 & 12)
"Broken Gait" (Episodes 7 & 13) 
"Lonely Sidewalks" (Episode 11)

Born Ruffians
"Foxes Mate For Life" (Episode 14)
"Hummingbird" (Episode 15) 
"I Need A Life" (Episode 17) 

Flight Feathers
"Smoke" (Episode 19)
"Summer Fields" (Episode 20)
"Freeze the Frame" (Episode 26 & 38) 

Fior Fiero
"Butterscotch" (Episode 21)
"Satellite" (Episode 27) 

FM Belfast
"Tropical" (Episode 22) 
"Lotus" (Episode 24) 
"We Fall" (Episode 25) 
"New Year" (Episode 28 & 41) 

Dawn Landes
"Suspicion" (Episode 23) 
"Picture Show" (Episode 29) 
"Dance Area" (Episode 30) 
"Who Are You?" (Episode 31) 
"Clown" (Episode 34) 

Session Americana
"Beertown" (Episode 32) 

T.J. Miller
"Battle Of The Century, Part III (v.s. Bo Burnham)" (Episode 36)
"T.J. Miller" (Episode 37) 

The Life And Times
"Que Sera Sera" (Episode 39) 

The Milk Carton Kids
"I Still Want A Little More" (Episode 40) 

Produced by Ian Stearns


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